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    如果說2017年是中國企業快速布局人工智能在的一年,2018年人工智能的火并沒有隨著經濟的低迷而變得冷靜, 2018年年初, 以京東為代表的公司迅速以高薪搶奪AI人才,快速拼殺進AI 高科技人才儲備和應用行業。外部感受到的情況是, 京東的薪酬簡直是擾亂市場行情, 但是正是在這樣的市場情況下, 京東的操作才可以力挽狂瀾迅速構建AI 人才梯隊。

    In 2017, most Chinese companies expanded their businesses in the AI field. These expansions were not hindered by the economic downturns of 2018. In the beginning of 2018, companies like entered the AI industry and used high salaries to compete for AI talents. Although the extremely high salaries offered by disrupts the industry’s salary system to some extent, it is the only way the company can build a team of AI talent in the fiercely competitive market.

    AI 行業出現幾家炙手可熱的獨角獸公司, 后起之秀也很多, AI科技公司總體體量大概超出100家。 從整體招聘趨勢來看, 今年中端和稍微低端一點的人才需求更為急迫,因人才梯隊并不完整, HR 和獵頭依然都面對需求很多,人才很少的局面,加上2017年大部分AI 人才已經選好平臺, 短期不會變化, 讓挖獵和企業招聘AI 人才變得更難。

    There are already some promising unicorn companies in the AI industry.  Many other companies are also growing quickly. The overall number of tech companies in the AI industry is over 100. Entry-level jobs are in greater demand this year, as there is higher demand for talent than supply available. Most AI talents have found jobs in 2017 and they won’t change them in the short term, which makes head-hunting and recruitment more difficult.

    今年的AI崗位需求也變為更加關注AI研究人員的工程落地能力, 多數算法崗位非常強調coding技能, 而不是理論為主。

    在這個環境下的AI招聘需要更多的耐心和毅力, 那么最后堅持深挖并對行業有深入了解的獵頭會脫穎而出。

    Employers are focusing on the candidate’s implementation ability, for example, for algorithm jobs. Candidates are also required to have strong coding skills instead of theoretical skills.

    Head-hunters who patiently wait and have a deep understanding of the AI industry may find the right candidate in the end.



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